Space Ship

Some time ago I took the time to familiarize myself with painting images using CSS. The result of this attempt can be admired here. https://hulud.net/space-ship.html


I stumbled over a blog article on lobste.rs about buralism web design. I found that rather ugly. But in the comments someone mentioned: http://bettermotherfuckingwebsite.com/. And that ladies and gentleman is something I call a simple, fast and elegant website design! So I took it for this page! Bahm! Me === happy!

A simple database

Today I started the tutorial to write my own simple database. So far I finished the first two chapters and I can't say how much fun it makes to write C again. I definitly need to take a look again in how to write a proper Makefile, since I was sure I do not need to declare so much stuff when compiling C. The tutorial uses a slightly diffrent C syntax I am used to. It uses true as a keyword, which can't be in Standard C. Even the compiler tells me that much! But I tip my toes back into the C pool which is nice anyway.

Voices from the grave

The last days I listened to a band I found by browsing covers in Bandcamp. I later found out that they are already in everybodys playlist. That fact makes me quite happy. Good music should be heard by as many people as possible! So the band I write about is Bell Witch and the album is Mirror Reaper. It's Funearl Doom Metal from Seattle.

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