Reduction of Noise

In order to concentrate better again, I stopped listening to music while working.
Several articles on the Internet point out that constant noise keeps my dopamine level up and distracts me from the actual work. That makes sense to me. Because the brain, in addition to work, is also busy processing the music that is playing.
Yesterday I listened to a lot less music and I want to reduce it even more today.


DHH deciding to step away from cloud

DHH descripes in this article that his company is moving away from cloud. And I say, good for him. I might be an old fart, but I was never able to understand why I would outsource such a vital and important part of my buiseness. I guess it is all about risks and costs. But the risk is in the hand of someone else with additional costs, and I like to be the captain of my desteny.

How to give formal feedback

How I give formal written feedback is a well written advice, which I would love to do myself. But as usual in a company you have to comply to the format the company gives you for a better comparision. But I really like to ask my peer in future what he wants to have feedback on. On the human relationship side it is really helpful.


Reading List Collection

Some articels I would love to read in the next week, but couldn't find the time for now:



Yesterday I took the time to read the Terrible FOSS story of core-js.

I can't even begin to understand how people come up with the idea of attacking other people in any way whatsoever. I've had my small share of open source development and have learned that some developers in the FOSS space can be difficult. You put a lot of time and effort into something that you believe will work out to everyone's benefit, and sometimes you get criticism of some kind. Feedback should always be factual and received factually.

Having said that, the very last thing to do is attack someone because they want money for their open source project. And I would never have gone as far as the developer of the article. I would like to say thank you to him. Even if he could use the money better.


Ending Hangover

I do not have a hangover but the title of todays DJ mix suggests the title. Songs that will Cure Your Hangover with Ceylan Göksel is just the thing right now. It is full of delightful riffs and drums. Just like a warm breeze on a summer morning, when you drink your coffee on the balcony. Perfect!


Shell to the Rescue

Some of my notes I write in Markdown. Now I needed to publish some of them on my webserver for easier access. So I created a quick script to transform the Markdown files into a usable html.

Salsa Time

And I continue my journey to explore the archive of "My Analog Jornal". Today is Salsa Time. Until now I was not a big fan of latin music, but with the excelent Brazilian grooves from yesterday and the vibes of Salsa today, I start to dig it.


How to use a Kit Lens

I found a quite good introduction on how to use a Kit Lens. It was really simple, entry level and straight forward. Just as I like my tutorials.

Brazilian Vibes

The music on my hears today is again brought by "My Analog Jornal" this time it is: Brazilian Samba Grooves with Batukizer and what fine music it is!


More Music from "My Analog Jornal"

When I restarted writing this log, I was inspired by the talented DJane Millie McKee, which had an apperance on the youtube channel "My Analog Jornal". When writing this I am lisitening to a DJ couple which is playing Japanese Funk. It is what I needed right now and is lifting my spirits just right.


A Guide to Visual Design

On hacknews I found this really good collection of rules for visual desgin: Visual design rules you can safely follow every time I stared using some of those rules for this blog, like the lineheight and will try to adopt more of it in the future.


Something to read

Here is a interview with John Carmack about his way to an artifical general intelligence. I am halfway through and find it quite exciting how he thinks about AGI taking over the workload of humans. We have yet to see the implications, but it gives a bit hope.

Update of my Blog

I have failed miserably to keep this blog up to date. But right now I'm listening to this DJ set by Millie McKee and I felt inspired to finally write something again. Thanks a lot for this!

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